Food, Sex, Chocolate & Strawberries

When I  decided to create my own Sexy Chef Chocolate  Strawberry Balsamic, it was purely to indulge the senses and to not only be used with food, but for couples to share, test, taste, and perhaps use as a body edible. Even the act of having your lover taste it off your finger can only take you to another level and open all kinds of possibilities. Chocolate and strawberries are two known aphrodisiacs and love enhancers bound together in a balsamic, that felt like a perfect epicurean tease to me!!

     Chocolate on its own is very seductive. The aphrodisiac effect of Cacao brings on a feeling of love,  opening up the heart and giving lovers a sense of closeness. The first time I prepared Chocolate  Mole, the aroma wrapped itself around me and my kitchen like an intoxicating lover. It was wildly seductive, as I slowly poured the dark chocolate powder into the deep red mole. I think the kick of the peppers boosted cocoa into the air, creating a warm, sensual aromatic touch. Cacao contains the compound Anandamide, which is a  contributor to feelings of bliss and euphoria. I will go with that feeling any day……anytime! Adding strawberries to my chocolate balsamic was intriguing. Strawberries have been the symbol of Venus since the time of Ancient  Rome, it seems to be an obvious choice. After all, it has been said, that if you break a strawberry in half and share it with someone you are interested in, you will fall in love.  Strawberries are shaped like a perfect heart and are filled with hundreds of seeds, symbolizing fertility. They are juicy, sweet, gorgeous, and delicious. 

Cooking is an act of seduction as you pour all of yourself and your senses of taste, smell, sight,  touch, and heart into the experience. I prepare food to please others and make them fall in love,  appreciate, relax, laugh, be happy, and feel comfort. 

Sometimes preparing food is purely flirtatious and sexual…. In that case, all you may need is a  bowl of strawberries, my Sexy Chef Balsamic,  and a lover! 

Think of all the fun you will have using your bodies to taste balsamic, with its subtle,  sweet, and savory taste. it is a simple and sexy opportunity you can take with the one you love,  to get away, forget about everything for a while and indulge yourselves with one another. Play with each other. Take the time, even if you have  to steal it after dropping kids off at school, or lunchtime, or in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is asleep. You can even grab a 

bottle of Champagne and mix it with the balsamic and fresh sliced strawberries. It is out of this world sexy!! Jump in bed, or anywhere you feel like, tousle your hair, and let go! NO  RULES!!! 

SCW Sexy Appetizer

Your List

1 box triple ginger cookie thins  (Trader Joe’s)

                 Saint André Triple Crème Brie

                   5 large fresh strawberries thinly sliced

                   1 bunch of fresh mint leaves

                   SCW Chocolate Strawberry Balsamic

                   This is easy, decadent, and a joy ride for your palate

Simply Place the cookie thins on your plate, place one mint leaf on top of the cookie, then a slice of triple brie cheese, and place a thinly sliced strawberry, gently drizzle SCW Chocolate Strawberry Balsamic over the strawberry.

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